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Conversation club

The S&W conversation club

The S&W ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLUB provides non-native speakers of the English language with an excellent opportunity to practise and improve their spoken English skills in a pleasant group setting.

The club meets weekly on Mondays at 7:00 pm (for speakers at an advanced level of English B2 / C1) guided under the careful supervision of an experienced English conversation moderator.

Members are given a supportive stimulating environment, which allows them to speak as freely as they are able to. Participants are individually corrected, thus enabling them to progress with their abilities.

The sessions consider an interesting mix of predetermined discussion, often centred on topical current affairs issues, and spontaneous debate, based on the particular interests of members on any given evening. Evenings are often highly sociable occasions accompanied by a complimentary glass of wine and light snacks.

Consequently, conversation takes place in a convivial relaxed atmosphere and as such the S&W ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLUB is unique in Leipzig.

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